Covering your event with photo and video is a great way to extend the fun past the events conclusion. A corporate or private event celebrating an occasion, opening the season or announcing a new product is always fun for everyone. What a better way to let that event live on for everyone there than an event video by CactusCan Media.

Capturing photo and video from the event means you can share the footage internally to let those that attended relive the moment, those that missed out see what they missed, and externally show clients that you know how to have fun!

We were luck enough to get to cover Datto (a Kaseya company) and their mid-year party ‘House of the Bizarre’ with both photo and video! Check out the video below and see some of the shots from the night below that!

Cactuscan Sydney event photography

On-the-night photography at North Sydney’s ‘greenwood hotel’ provided alongside video by a single shooter.

Cactuscan Sydney event photography 2
Cactuscan Sydney event photography 3
Cactuscan Sydney event photography 4