Fisher’s Kids Minecraft World | 1 November 2020

Recently, Cactus had the privilege of developing was a virtual copy of the Campbelltown Arts Centre in Sydney. Using a combination of our media team doing drone photography, and CactusCanTech on the 3D modelling, Matthew and the team delivered the project in late 2020. Cactus facilitated the server side hosting of the minecraft world for members of the public to join the world and explore the virtual C-A-C.

Ready, get set… PLAY! From Minecraft to craft-craft, digital and real worlds collide in the 2020 Fishers Kids cultural event of the year, set to take place both onsite and, for the first time ever, online.

Discover Minecraft-inspired curious and playful sound-based activities and workshops at C-A-C’s in real life event on 1 November 1pm – 4pm including; musical drawings, avatar helmet building, a choose-your-own-adventure listening journey, and a collective gaming experience that powers the mysterious MEGA BLOCK. Each activity will have several sessions that you can book into over the day. In between sessions, be serenaded by The Music Box Project roaming musicians.

Check out the full C-A-C writeup here.