urwood Chinatown is an exciting new dining and retail precinct within Sydney’s inner west serving the best authentic Asian street food. With over 30 hawker style eateries featuring some of the latest trends from Asia and some nostalgic home style cooking, Burwood Chinatown attracts food lovers from all over Sydney.

The precinct brings the Australian and Asian culture together in harmony and introduces food as the common language, transforming the lane into an urban pantry and vibrant eat street from day to night.

Whether you’re looking for Chinese handmade noodles to giant Megabots, Burwood Chinatown has got you covered.

But delicious eats aside — the location has exploded in aesthetics over the last year with bright, vibrant neon lights and creative architecture. Check out a few snaps we got in our short 30 minute visit this past week!

Burwood chinatown neon lights cactuscan media

Burwood Chinatown neon lights photo by CactusCan Media

Burwood chinatown boba tea cactuscan media
burwood chinatown cactuscan media million life
burwood chinatown neon cutea sign cactuscan media

These photos come out amazing almost EFFORTLESSLY, so really — if you’re a content creator, influencer or just want an interesting backdrop for some branded content — visit Burwood Chinatown.

Finally — here’s a little promotional video we shot of Burwood Chinatown. Shot and edited by CactusCan Media: